From time to time CLLARO authors, co-authors, or compiles open-source research on topics which directly affect Colorado Latino communities. We believe that this information is beneficial to all community members seeking to learn more about how they can enact positive change in Northeast Denver and beyond. Please click on any title you wish to read below to learn more about subjects pertinent to the Latino community in Colorado.

Briefing – USCIS Form I-407

PUBLISHED February 2017

Executive Order – Border Security and Immigration Enforcement

Published January 2017


Executive Order – Sanctuary Cities

Published January 2017

Workforce Development – UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Published 2016

How many Latinos in Colorado are now small business owners? How has the rise in Latino-owned businesses altered the professional atmosphere? Find answers and resources.

Health & Healthcare – UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Published 2016

Health is not a universal term. Every community has different health and healthcare needs. Learn more about health disparities among the Latino community.

Civic Life of Colorado Latinos Infographic

Published September 2015

The Colorado Latino Leadership, Advocacy and Research Organization (CLLARO), in collaboration with NCoC, the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation, Civic Canopy and other community organizations, compiled Census data to measure the civic engagement of Latinos in Colorado.  Despite disparities relative to non-Latinos in Colorado, Latinos in Colorado out-perform Latinos in other states in these measures of civic engagement. This infographic was officially released at our 2015 Bernie Valdez Awards Dinner.

Climate Change and the Latino Community: Community Perceptions

Published August 2015

The Colorado Latino Leadership, Advocacy and Research Organization (CLLARO) conducted a research project to understand the perceptions of the Hispanic/Latino community about climate change. The purpose of this preliminary study was to examine trends in climate change attitudes and behaviors based on demographic variables.

Renewable Energy

Published 2015

Learn about sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels that will improve our planet’s health.

Climate Change

Published 2015

Learn about our changing climate and what it means for us and our future on this planet.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Published 2015

Find out how you can reduce your environmental impact by tracking your carbon footprint.


Published 2015

Environmentally conscious firms are constantly seeking to hire qualified individuals for a variety of fields. Learn about what it means to work a “Green Job” and find out how to search for one.

CLLARO Snapshot of Colorado Latinos

Published March 2014

Our annual snapshot of Latinos in Colorado highlights information about criminal justice, economic development and housing, education, energy and the environment, health and human services, immigration, LGBT, and media and voting rights.

CLLARO Snapshot of Colorado Latinos

Published Winter 2013

Prepared by Michael Ramirez | Edited by Olivia Mendoza

CLLARO Snapshot of Colorado Latinos

Published Winter 2012

This report is intended to present a snapshot about the state of Latinos in Colorado. By providing this information, the report aims to create awareness about the basic facts pertinent to issues regarding Latinos. This data forms a solid basis for social and political discourse about these issues that are so central to this work.

Author: Amber J. Tafoya, ESQ | Editor: Olivia Mendoza

Latino Priorities 2012 Survey

Published October 2012

Colorado Latinos will play a pivotal role in deciding the state’s choice for president. But what do Colorado’s Latinos really care about when it comes to national issues?

Prepared by MI CASA & CLLARO.

Latino Demographics

Published 2012

A Statewide Report of Colorado Counties 2012: Latinos in Colorado
Prepared by Marco Dorado, CLLARO Research and Legislative intern | Olivia Mendoza, Former Executive Director, CLLARO