Community Health Advocacy Program

CLLARO launched the Community Health Advocacy Program (CHAP) in 2014. More than 25 participants met monthly for a year-long curriculum that honed their leadership and policy advocacy skills. At the head of this course was Polly Baca, the first Hispanic woman elected to the Colorado State Senate (1979-1986), the first woman elected to chair the Democratic Caucus of the Colorado House of Representatives (1977), and to this day still an active member of the community.

CHAP seminars improve community members’ leadership, policy advocacy, and grassroots organizing skills in order to meet the difficult challenges of today’s world. Current CHAP participants are each developing community projects that will address issues of inequitable access to physical, mental, and spiritual healthcare options for Latino communities. By connecting one another with valuable resources and networks, CHAP participants help one another to succeed in effectively launching their individual projects in the Montbello area and beyond.

Learn more about this year’s CLLARO CHAP Members!

Front (L to R): Alexandra Alonso, Jasmin Barco, Flor Vera; Back Row (L to R): Dina Puente, Angela Tzul, K’ara Locke, Rosario Mendoza, Irving Reza, Mariah Rodriguez, Luke Straka, Hilda Perez

Here’s a snapshot of some of our members’ outstanding commitment to their communities:

Jasmin Barco

Jasmin Barco is a bi-lingual environmental enthusiast and designer. She has earned a B.A. in Environmental Design from CU Boulder and a M.Sc. in Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning from the HäfenCity University in Hamburg, Germany. Born in Lima, Peru, life’s lessons on adaptability and open-mindedness have allowed her to  travel to over 20 countries and experience an array of cultures to date. She strongly believes that integrating experiences and lessons from abroad is crucial to successful design. Jasmin is truly passionate about her work as a designer and environmental advocate, and strives for innovative and creative solutions. Her hobbies include graphic design, yoga, nature, and travel.

Resources: Eco-Cycle; the Latino Coalition of Boulder County; the Latino Chamber of Commerce of Boulder; El Comite de Longmont; Boulder County Sustainability; City and County of Denver Office of Sustainability; Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF); International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement Data Processing Center (IEA DPC)


Rosario Mendoza

I am a woman, wife, mother, and leader in the community of Montebello. My work in the community started as being a volunteer in Families Forward Resource Center, attending trainings and helping people to give them some action based on their needs. FLTI offered me a 20-week training that was initiated for a project where we did a group of women called Woman, Strength and Power where we meet 2 times a month. I am currently connecting with the Latino Foundation where people work with senior citizens.

Resources: McGlone Elementary; Families Forward Resource Center; Latino Foundation; Focus Point

Hilda Perez

Has earned Master’s Degrees in both Business & Political Science. Owner and operator of Hilda Perez [Fall Service Insurance Brokerage] Agency Inc. since 2014. Currently Chairwoman of the Board of Community Housing Partners, AHC and a member of the Strategic Planning Committee for the City of Aurora.

Resources: NAIFA, National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors; CO Women’s Chamber of Commerce; City of Aurora, Business Advisory Board


Dina Puente

I am a mother, wife, friend, and family leader. I am currently involved in my local community by actively participating and leading a women’s group that meets twice a month. I provide resources to women in the Montbello area such as: food, health care, well-being, leadership skills, and self-empowerment. I look to social media as well as my own personal and professional background to provide these resources for these women.

Resources: Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI); Adams County Government-Family Services Specialist; HIPPY Specialist (Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters); TLP Instructor (Two-Language Program)

Irving Reza

Irving is a legal assistant for Immigration Law firm Aguirre Law Group. Irving has worked with Aguirre law for a year. He graduated with a bachelors of arts in political science in 2014 from the University of New Mexico, located in Albuquerque. Irving participated with CLLARO during their 2015 Capital Fellowship. Where he worked in the office of Senator Pabon, learning how the law is made in Colorado. It also included the protections and limitations of our constitution and laws. In the summer of 2015 Irving worked in the office of Senator Bennet as an intern, under the supervision of Priscilla Resendiz. Irving enjoys exercising through running or hiking in the foothills. He also enjoys to have deep conversations about politics, life, running, or dogs. Irving is still thinking on what he wants to do after working with Aguirre Law.

Resources: Aguirre Law Group; the Office of Senator Bennet; the Mile High United Way; the Montbello Organizing Committee


Mariah Rodriguez

Mariah holds multiple positions from a business sales representative for a telecom company, to a bartender/server, and a makeup artist for Bridal parties. She earned a B.S. in Criminal Justice with a concentration in entrepreneurship from Johnson & Wales University in 2013. She also recently took on a masters course in Leadership at the University of Colorado Denver. She is a Colorado native, and grew up in the Montbello area.

Resources: Aurora Mental Health; A New Dimension of Hope


Angela Tzul

I am a mother, wife, friend and family leader. I am actively involved in my local community in different activities provided through the Montbello area. At this time I have established a women’s group in Montbello. The group name is, “Women, Strength and Power.” I am a connector with the Latin Foundation. Apart from being associated with these two groups I am also a volunteer with the Families Resource Center.

Resources: Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI); Latin Foundation; Families Forward Resource Center; Parent Volunteer at McGlone Elementary; Church Volunteer at Ascension Catholic Church


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