Capitol Fellowship Program


The CLLARO Capitol Fellowship Program seeks to enhance promising Latino students’ leadership abilities, strengthen professional skills, and ultimately help mold the future of Latino public policy leaders in Colorado. CLLARO’s Capitol Fellowship Program Curriculum will help develop the fellow’s leadership abilities with monthly leadership training, as well as facilitating access to many of Colorado’s public policy leaders. This will give students an opportunity to see first-hand how policy is legislated and implemented in an effort to increase the number of Latinos engaged in the public policy process.

Sponsor a Capitol Fellow!

Your organization can be a part of this important program to support young, diverse leaders by becoming a sponsor of CLLARO’s Capitol Fellowship Program for the 2017 Legislative Session. We invite you to sponsor a Capitol Fellow to help give this enriching experience to a bright young leader and to cultivate the future leaders of our community.


CLLARO Capitol Fellows 2017

Back: Miguel Santana, Juan Carlos Montanez, Nicolás Delgado, & Corey Cruz
Front: Chanel Ward, Guest Speaker Maria Handley of Generation Latino, Denisse Romero, Guest Speaker Maria De Cambra of Strong Colorado, Adrian Nava, Eduardo Rascon III, Andrea Colmenero, & Jessica Pineda



Meet the Previous Capitol Fellows…

CLLARO Capitol Fellows 2016 

Capitol Fellows 2016

Back: Kwame Owusu, Heidi Haro, Alexandra Alonzo, Alberto Vazquez, & Chasity King
Front: Malachi Martinez, Christine Alonzo, Candice Rodriquez, Kara Birnbaum, Taylor Lugo, Gabriela Corral, & Gina Escobedo
Not Pictured: Rachelle Lukusa


CLLARO Capitol Fellows 2015


Back: Ricardo Rocha & Aris Molock
Front: Christian Caldwell, Irving Reza-Alarcon, True Apodaca, Melissa Mendes, Mayra Gonzales, Mara Gonzalez, & Maili Rael
Not Pictured: Jose Castaneda


CLLARO Capitol Fellows 2014 


Back: Jorge Zamudio Gallegos & Uriel Berrum
Front: Ana Temu Bidrio, Antonio Vitale, Nestor Meza, Hugo Palma, Christopher Trujillo, Cesiah Guadarrama-Trejo, Ruben Aguirre, & Jordan Sauers


CLLARO Capitol Fellows 2013


Back: Michael Ramirez, & Daniel Mason
Front: Kathy Maestas, Angelina Sandoval, Sonia Gutierrez, Marco Dorado, & Olivia Mendoza
Not Pictured: Fabian Dominguez


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