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CLLARO’s Programs

Leadership Development

Capitol Fellowship Program (CFP): CFP is designed to engage young Latino leaders in the public policy process and ensure sustainable change for future generations. Ten or more bright college students are recruited each year to serve as legislative interns to Colorado’s elected officials in the Capitol. This gives the Fellows an opportunity to see first-hand how policy is legislated and implemented, all in an effort to increase the number of Latinos engaged in the public policy process. This program is one-of-a-kind, because we provide training and mentorship throughout the program, ensuring that our fellows are better prepared for the work ahead and will consistently exceed expectations.

Policy Advocacy Training

Community Health Advocacy Program (CHAP): The Community Health Advocacy Program (CHAP) is an advocacy training program for community members who want to make positive changes to benefit overall community health. For the 2016-2017 class, community health advocates were recruited from the Montbello, Green Valley Ranch, and Aurora communities. These advocates are: community experts who are knowledgeable about health issues, policies, and solutions; who promote their community’s health through community organizing and policy advocacy; and who enact healthy changes in their community through projects and coalitions.

Parents Advocting for Local Schools (PALS): PALS is our newest project, focused on creating a network of parent advocates who will work together to hold their children’s education system accountable. CLLARO is recruiting parents with children enrolled in the following schools: John Amesse, McGlone Academy, and STRIVE Prep Montbello. Similar to CHAP, which has a health-equity focus, PALS will focus on educational equity and will empower local parents to play a role in ensuring the best quality education for their children.

Youth-Police Partnership (YPP): The YPP is a learning series for students in 5th and 6th grade and their families to learn the roles and responsibilities of their local police force, while also having the opportunity to share their concerns and perspective as community members. Each month, a member of the Denver Police Department or a community activist focused on social justice is invited to participate in a recorded interview as part of a community presentation and discussion hosted by the students. The purpose of the program is to create opportunities for positive interactions between police and youth, with the ultimate goal of improved community policing efforts, strengthened community and police relations, and an increased sense of public safety.

Data-Driven Research

CLLARO catalogs critical data on the Latino community ranging from census, geographic, housing, and educational-attainment data used to guide policy decisions and advocacy action across the state.  This data is utilized to improve the quality of the programs we deliver to our community, as well as provide the tools necessary for broader community engagement in local policy advocacy.

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