Civic Engagement

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CLLARO believes in equity for all residents of Colorado. Every person should have access to impact local policy for the betterment of their communities, and there are several resources to help get you started on tracking and impacting policy decisions in Colorado.



Ways to make an impact locally:

Explore your local City Council website and investigate the decision makers who make an impact in right in your backyard. Council Members make policy decisions, budget city funds, and can investigate cases of fraud among City-based employees or firms. You can find information on where and when to attend Town-Hall-style meetings in which major local policy decisions can be influenced based upon attendance and general opinions expressed by citizens present, so it makes a substantial difference when you are there to speak your mind. In support of CLLARO’s local friends and neighbors, here are links to those local sites:

Denver City Council

Aurora City Council

Volunteer in your community!

Here are some resources to get you started:

Organize a Grassroots movement in your community!

The following resources should help you get started:



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As a resident of Colorado subject to legislative policy decisions, you owe it to yourself to familiarize yourself with the Colorado General Assembly website. Here you can access full-text bills and follow them through their life cycles, learn how to connect with local policy makers, and watch or listen to live discussions in committee or in the chambers. Whether you are a Colorado native or an out-of-state transplant, here are some resources to help you remain actively involved in the decision-making processes that take place in the State Capitol.

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 A view inside the Senate Chamber (Left) and the House Chamber (Below)



 Other great resources available through the Colorado General Assembly website:

Each year, the Colorado Legislative Council Staff publishes guidelines and resources on how to participate in the public policy process. Here’s a glance at their 2016 Memorandum, for example.


You can track lobbying firms and the clients they represent on any given bill by visiting the Colorado Secretary of State’s website (Search by bill number in the Lobbyists section).

Present testimony on a bill before either a House or Senate Committee (if you are unavailable to testify in person, you can also sign up to provide remote testimony). Please note that exceptions apply as the session progresses due to real-time prioritization of other bills, and bills may be rescheduled to a day outside the printed guidelines without notice.

Regularly Scheduled House Committees

Regularly Scheduled Senate Committees

Calendar of Scheduled Bills

(Calendar is UPDATED DAILY during Regular Session;

use it to track your bill once it’s been introduced)

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Tips for Presenting Testimony in Committee

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How to decipher Bill numbers