Carolyn Gery

Carolyn Gery joined the CLLARO board in March of 2017. She received her Ed.D. in Educational Technology from Pepperdine University, a M.A. from Goddard College in Curriculum Development and a B.A. in Spanish Literature from the University of California at San Diego. Her primary experience working in the non-profit sector is in the field of education. Gery founded two public charter schools in Colorado Springs and established the operating guidelines, governance structure, and funding plan for both of the non-profit entities. Currently, her work is focused on addressing the crisis of disconnected youth in Colorado. Her role in a statewide alternative high school is directly connected to this focus with a goal of recapturing students who are disengaged with multiple systems, including education. Gery is immersed in the collaborative endeavor of developing a learning system integrating cognitive and non-cognitive domains with the objective of utilizing predictive analytics to create highly personalized learning pathways. Previously, she served as a fellow with UNIDOS US (formerly NCLR) as part of a national cohort of school leaders. Gery hopes to be an active participant in working with CLLARO to increase their visibility across Colorado as a trusted voice and resource for the Latino Community.