About Us

Mission | Misión

| Empowering Latinos through leadership development, advocacy, and research to strengthen Colorado. |

| Empoderando a los latinos a través del desarrollo del liderazgo, 

abogacía política y la investigación para fortalecer a Colorado. |

Vision | Visión

| A Colorado where Latinos are achieving their fullest potential. |

| Un Colorado donde los Latinos logran todo su potencial. |

Motto | Lema

| Improving the lives of Latinos in Colorado improves the lives of all Coloradans. |

| Mejorar las vidas de los Latinos en Colorado mejora las vidas de todos los residentes de Colorado. |

CLLARO’s Values

Our Values reflect the philosophy that we adhere to in the interest of Latinos in Colorado.

  • Equity
  • Societal advancement
  • Cultural preservation
  • Justice
  • Accountability
  • Community


CLLARO’s Goals

Our Goals are the specific areas where we want to affect positive change. This will guide how we apply our Mission to our work in the areas where we want to affect change.

  1. Academic Excellence
  2. Holistic Health
  3. Economic Advancement
  4. Latino Leadership in All Sectors
  5. Research-Informed Advocacy & Policy Changes

How does CLLARO make a difference?

CLLARO is a resource that corporations and decision-makers can use to learn how public policies impact the Latino community.

  • CLLARO publications and primary research tell a story from the Latino perspective
  • Research services are available to those who want to learn more about the Colorado Latino perspective

We also implement metrics to measure the impact of our work.

  • Colorado Latinos are regularly surveyed to measure their satisfaction with policies
  • Yearly evaluations measure Colorado policy-makers’ consistency with Latino values and concerns

How YOU can show your support

Sponsor Us!

There are many perks for sponsoring CLLARO, including networking opportunities with Latino leaders in the public and private sectors, advertising opportunities in the local Latino community, and most importantly, being part of an important social cause!

Let Us Serve You!

CLLARO offers a range of services, including research and infographics, press conferences and other educational events within Colorado’s Latino communities, as well as leadership development trainings.


Every little bit helps us get closer to realizing our vision.  Visit our donation page to learn more about advancing social change!


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